Join the bravest army and make your mark on history. Get your NFT passport and start a new journey.

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Only 3k unique warriors are available on launch. Date to be announced.

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Secret Revealed

In the last year, a secret research laboratory revealed that ancient warrior armies have never disappeared, instead, they moved to another type of life.

Now, those armies are in need of new recruiters πŸ”₯. To enlist, they issued an exclusive, unique, and limited edition of NFT passport that allows anyone to join them.

Great empires need brave armies. Choose your side. Become a great warrior! βš’οΈ

Make your mark on history

Get Brave citizenship, be proud of the army you belong to, and start a new adventure. All you need is a new passport.

✨ Unique citizenship

Every passport is an unique cute identity composed by many categories of traits. Our artists and historians carefully crafted every detail for you. πŸ“œ

Limited edition 🎫

Doesn't matter if you hold a PhD or you are famous soccer player. If you don't have a NFT passport, you will be let on Earth. Even Elon Musk is buying a passport. You must too! πŸ’ͺ

... and much more ...

πŸ† Social recognition

Link your social accounts to your passports and get a verified badge on the community. Make your parents proud of you. Get a new social status.

Only empire citizens 🎟️

Get access to a platform with exclusive content, resources, partnerships, discounts, drops, etc. A % of royalties will be reinvested for this purpose.

πŸ›Έ Community-driven

Over time, awareness and demand will increase. Then, new launches with new warriors will be necessary, but only if holders approves. A % of allocation and royalties will be for holders.

Extended story πŸŽ₯

We have many ideas that we want to explore including, but not limited to, documentaries, books, games, etc. In all of them, we will consider ideas from the Brave Army community.


Get your passports!

Apes, bears, salamanders, llamas, humans, all are welcomed to this endeavour. Let yout wallet ready for the the launch! The date will be announced the next days.

πŸ’° How much?

We want this project to be available for everyone. For that reason we will follow the model "pay-what-you-want", with a minimum deposit of just 1 SOL.

Three pools! 🎲

Everyone will have three chances to get a NFT passport, and not the bots that buy dozens of NFTs on a few seconds. Each pool will have different requirements.

Expected to be released on Q4/2021. Get into our official channels for further announcements.


Great answers for frequently asked questions.

  • What is this?

    Brave Army is project that creates cute characters from ancient armies, giving them a new look with contemporary accessories and traits. Besides this NFT characters, we aim to create a vibrant community around Solana technology. To make this exclusive and gamified, we issued a limited quantity of NFT passports comprised of a unique name, position, empire, head, body, body extremities, weapon and shield. Our long-term goal is to support the Solana ecosystem by educating and creating resources/tools to grow together.

  • When is the drop? How much?

    The drop dates are not announced yet, but planned to be on Q4/2021. Follow our social channels for exact times. Mint price will follow the model β€˜pay-what-you-want’ with minimum price of 1 SOL, with three different pools, so everyone will get three chances to get a NFT passport. More details will be released in the following days.

  • How can I buy an imperial NFT passport?

    Create a Solana wallet with Phantom and deposit SOL (at least 1). Prepare for the dates that will be announced on official channels. On the launch day, access this website (, connect your wallet and pay with SOL for getting an NFT passport.

  • Will there be a secondary market

    Yes, we will be listing on marketplaces, soon after the drop. We will look to create our marketplace in near future. Also, we will have a website where you can verify if any passport you find on marketplaces are the real ones or fake. So you can trade safely.

  • Are there secondary sale royalties?

    Yes, royalties are set at 2.5%. In order to strength our empires, 10% of this value will be reinvested into the community treasury for content, tutorial, interviews, courses, discounts, coupons, etc that will be free for the brave army.

  • What does "special passports" mean?

    Special passport are a limited quantity of NFT characters that will be available for marketing purposes, partnerships, reward loyalty members, etc. The team will use this passports to increase awareness and grow our community.